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of his enthusiasm, the Jes●uit never forgot his worldly w■isdom. [12] Lettre du P. Paul Ragueneau● au T. R. P. Vincent Carafa, Gén●éral de la Compagnie de Jé?/p>

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t■hat they had fowls, swine, and e●ven cattle. [13] How

they could have br■ought these last to Sainte Marie it● is difficult to conceive. The feat, under the ■circumstances, is truly asto●nishing. Everything indicates a fi■xed resolve on the part of the Fathers to buil●d up a solid and permanent establishment●. [13] Lettre du

P. Paul Rague■neau au T. R. P. Vincent Cara●fa, Général de la

Compagnie de Jésus ā瘠 Rome, Sainte Marie aux Hurons, 1 Mar■s, 1649 (Carayon). It is by no m●eans to be inferred that the househo■ld fared sumptuously. Their ordinary f●ood was maize, pounded and boiled, and season●ed, in the absence of salt, which was re●garded as a luxury, wit


h morsels of ■smoked fish. [14] [14] Raguene■au, Relation des Hurons, 164■8, 48. In March, 1649, there were


in the ■Huron country and its neighborhood eighteen Jesu●it priests, four lay brothers, twent■y-three men


serving without pa●y, seven hired men, four boys, an●d eight soldiers. [15] Of this num■ber, fifteen pri

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ests were engaged in the v■arious missions, while all the■ rest were retained permanen●tly at Sainte Marie. All


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was method, 3●67 discipline, and

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subordination. Some of ■the men

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were assigned to household ●work,

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and some to the hospital; wh■ile

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the rest labored at the fortifica

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tions, til●led the fields, and st

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ood ready, in case of nee■d, to fight the Iroquois. The Father Su●peri

or, with two other priests● as assistants, controlled and guid■ed all. The remaining Jesuits, undisturbe■d by temporal cares, were dev●oted exclusively to the charge of the●ir respective missions. Two or th■ree times in the year, they all,■ or n

early all, assembled at Sainte Marie,■ to take counsel together and determ●ine their

future action. Hit■her, also, they came at intervals for a peri●od of meditation and prayer,■ to nerve themselves and gain ne●w inspiration for their stern task. ■[15] See the report of the Father Supe

rior to th■e General, above cited. The number was grea●tly increased withi

n the year. In April●, 1648, Ragueneau reports but forty●-two French in all, includin●g priests. Before the end of the summer ●a large rei

nforcement came up in the Huron cano■es. Besides being the citadel and the mag■a

zine of the mission, Sainte Marie was ■the scene of a bountiful hospitality. On■ every alternate Saturday, as wel●l as on feast-days, the converts came in cro●wds from the farthest villages. Th■ey were entertained during Sa


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turday, Sunda■y, and a part of Monday; and■ the rites of the Church were celebrated befo●re them with all possible solemnity● and pomp. They were welcomed ●also at other times, and entertained, ■usually with three meals to each. In these latte■r years the prevailing famine drove them to

Sai■nte Marie in swarms. In the co

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